Britain Londra Catfort fruit and vegetable shelves

Britain Londra Catfort fruit and vegetable shelves

Greengrocer Design Overview
Architectural works made for grocery stores are called greengrocer design. Nowadays, especially with the advent of discount markets and the introduction of viruses into our lives, the whole food industry has found the opportunity to pull-up itself.


Fruits and vegetables that are now sold on old plastic crates or with canvases are very risky and should be considered. In fact, this issue is an issue that can be considered as a public problem because it endangers human health.

Greengrocer Design How?
First of all, you should start by making a budget plan. After this process, a business plan is created by meeting with people who are experienced in their field. If necessary, it can be requested in the discovery according to the status of the project. An architectural plan is then created.

Considerations in Greengrocer Shop Design
1- Capacity information in the previous structure should be obtained. In other words, you should have the information about how many meters of product are exhibited. The same minimum capacity should be provided in the new design.

2-Hygiene and natural air flow should be well planned in the new design. For this, the structure of the products and the reasons for preference should also be taken into account. So it can’t be done on a foliage bench, but the natural airflow element can be applied in most areas of the rest?

3-The target audience for the new grocery shop design should be determined well. There is an investment. It is wrong to design a greengrocer to put zero products based only on the price. Work must have meaning.

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