Table Top Hanging Grocery Counter Structure

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Table Top Hanging Grocery Counter Structure

The use of hanging tables in fruit and vegetable shops is called a hanging greengrocer counter. While this system takes a lot of fruit and vegetables, very successful images are taken at the same time.

– Table Top Hanging Grocery Counter Structure

They are systems built on the main skeleton.

These systems also contain elements that support the modular structure. Moving and adjustable special parts are placed on this system. These parts are processed with additional support from the back of the tables.

– When to Use Tablali Asmalı Grocery Store?

It is a useful system, especially when space is tight.

Visually, hanging the Tables on a wall is a very different work, both in terms of idea and structure.

– What is the Contribution of the Greengrocer Counter with Table to the Market Economy?

First of all, it is a different workbench. Even this situation is a phenomenon in the market economy in itself. And besides, it offers the maximum capacity that can be taken from a counter. In other words, it has a positive effect on the daily market turnover.


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