Middle Fruit & Veg Units

ProductCode : Fr-37
Categories : Fruit and vegetable shelves
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Middle Fruit & Veg Units

Designed to be used in the middle parts of markets and greengrocers, the wooden Fruit & Veg Unit is a greengrocer counter designed to put modular system fruits and vegetables
In this unit, customer is able to use both sides of the counter to shop. It can also be used single sided if desired.
FR-37 Fruit & Veg Units has special parts that can be installed and removed at any time to put labels on the upper part.
Height of the unit is specially designed for customer to be able to reach products comfortably.

In order to create maximum usage area in all of our products that are considered in the Fruit & Veg Units, the bottom parts can also be made with lids if desired.
Wooden Central greengrocer section is sitting on the inner skeleton platform.
This skeleton system is built on independent center poles and a multi-point connection system has been implemented for loads from other axes.

The multi-point connection system alone is not enough. For this purpose, the materials are shaped in order to meet the product loads,
the inertia is gained and the axial stress are prevented and a strength structure is created.

Wooden Mid-Fruit & Veg Unit bottom cover part performs the function of the mobile cover with the wood inside.
The upper part, on the other hand, works with a food-grade special stainless product.


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