Fruit & Vegetable Shelves

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Fruit & Vegetable Shelves

Fruit & Vegetable Shelves


Greengrocer stalls have also taken their place in constantly evolving conditions and a brand new model has emerged for the Grocer Shop shelf. In fact, this one is always about being open to development and improvement. If so, it is beneficial to renew each line of business and to be prepared for today’s conditions.

What is the difference between the grocery store shelf and other grocery aisles?

The most obvious difference is that this bench has 3 different usage areas. These areas of use are also modular and can be removed if desired. In this way, it can be easily adapted to regional and geographical changes.

Which Greengrocer Shops Can Benefit With the Grocery Store Shelf?

The system is literally modular. In this way, it has been designed to be used for all greengrocery shops. It is especially preferred by the grocery stores in elite points.
Greengrocer Cabinet Full Function

What fruits and vegetables are displayed with the grocery store shelf?

It can be used for all products. However, it is not desirable to add fruits such as melon, watermelon, which are different in both volume and weight. Special benches are available for these products.

How Is The Grocer Shop Shelf Structure?

The structure of the grocery counter is above the load limits of 150 kg per square meter. So much so that the main frame was built on the profile body and the structure was strengthened with thick materials in places. Special feet have been added to cut the contact with the ground at the lowest part of the system and to adjust the balance at the same time. As you go towards the upper part, the front part has a cover structure and allows the lower part to be used as a stock area.

In front of the lined structure, there is a basket where special products can be placed. This part is in adjustable structure. When going to the upper part, there is a sloping surface that is large enough to take 2 baskets of 60 cm. At the same time, bulk product can be placed in this part. The front part is protected with a special stainless material.

When we go towards the upper part, a shelf appears again. So much so that this shelf is also adjustable and can be removed if necessary. Above, we see the mirror and roof system.

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