Fruit & Veg Design

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Fruit & Veg Design

Fruit & Veg Design Overview

Architectural works for fruit & vegetable stores are called greengrocer designs.
Today, especially with the increase of discount markets in the industry and viruses entering our lives, the entire food sector has found the opportunity to check itself up.
Nowadays, fruit & vegetables that are sold in plastic crates and other plastic containers are considered quiet risky for health and safety.
In fact, this issue can be considered as a public problem because it endangers human health.

How to Design a Fruit & Veg Area

First of all you need to start by making a budget plan. Then you will have an work plan created by the company that you have chosen who has are experienced within their fields.
If necessary depending on the status of the project a site survey may be requested. The finaly an architectural plan is then created.

Matters to be Considered in the Fruit & Veg Store Design


* If there was a previous Fruit & Veg Display or a Counter in place, make sure to get the minimum capacity information in order for new design to provide you with minimum capacity
* In the new design, hygiene and natural air flow should be well planned. For this, the structure of the products and reasons for preference should also be taken into consideration.
* New Fruit & Veg Store design target audience should be determined well.
* Design should be able to be developed and improved depending on the needs. It must include engineering, planning and technical experience.
You must know not to expect much from a product that is ordinar, made simple and away from all kinds of consciousness.


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