fruit shop

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fruit shop

fruit shop

Specially designed structures that are used to display fresh fruit type products are called Fruit Island. These structures are generally in the middle area and preferably rotating 270 degrees or 360 degrees. In other words, it is a structure that surrounds the middle area in every aspect and offers the advantage of use in all directions.

Fruit Island Importance

In grocery stores, pool benches are used on the walls and more vegetable products are displayed here, while fruit products are displayed on special tables or specially designed structures. Fruit Island is also important in this percentage. It is not a standard ladder bench.

The middle areas of the grocery and market shops are the most valuable places. Here, especially an island-shaped building, it is possible to obtain very beautiful images.

What Size Is The Fruit Island?

There is no standard size. They are made in desired dimensions according to the state and structure of the shop.




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