Fruit And Vegetable Shelves

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Fruit And Vegetable Shelves

fruit and vegetable shelves

The stands for the central rooms of the grocery stores are called Regal Berlin. These fruit and vegetable banks have a double-sided structure. It is specially designed for double fruit and vegetable boxes on both sides.

How is the fruit and vegetable counter set up?

While the system consists of metal and natural wood, special rustproof material is also used in places. The lower parts are covered. Stainless steel is used in places where people come into contact.

Where do you place the tags on the fruit and vegetable counter?
The most suitable place for people should be determined. This place can often be thought of as the top fruit and vegetable counter.

What should a fruit and vegetable shop be like?

The first thing to do is to decide where to use it. If it is leaning against the wall, it will be useful to choose a bench accordingly. If it is to be used in the middle areas, the design and product should be chosen accordingly.

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