Meyve ve sebze tezgahları

Meyve ve sebze tezgahları

Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Counter
It is a product of Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Bench, which is produced for the grocery and greengrocers and consists of a combination of wood and metal. Fruits and vegetables shelves made of mature meeting of wood and metal. The general features of the product are integrated with strong metal profile and metal sheet with inertia. In this way, a skeleton is formed and all body and unit evenings are designed on the parts we call this direct.

What is the status of our wooden fruit and vegetable countertops in our social life:

In general, the system consists of metal and the front, top and side planes of fruit and vegetable shelves mixed with wood.
These systems are modular and modular layout.
The user side of this system is covered with stainless material and necessary hygiene and dynamics are completed.
Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Counter
Fruit and Vegetable Shop
Supermarkets love customers with children. They even make special cars for them. As long as they don’t cause any problems and you walk around long. Moreover, the products you will receive are in the bottom of the products that are intended to be bought by your child so that your child can see and ask. There are special channels on the top of the grocery section where both led and spot can be installed. There is also a duct which can also be fitted with a ventilation fan.

Fruits and vegetables are among the best-selling foods in markets and supermarkets. Fruits and vegetables are not suitable for sale on normal market shelves. Special fruit and vegetable shelves are available for this purpose and the most preferred type of shelf is the HP-1 model, which includes the wood-containing grocery section.

The lower part of the HP-1 wooden grocery section model is combined with wood and metal. The lower part of the designed wooden grocery section model is also operated as a foldable lid to provide maximum savings in volume.

Wooden Greenhouse Design:
As the greengrocer goes up to the top of the aisle, a good work has been done with stainless products at the points that require hygiene with stainless lines. In particular, the points where the customers are in contact, the areas that are intended to be touched or held are designed to meet the hygiene requirements.

Adjustable feet have been added to adjust the bottom of the grocery counter to prevent disturbances in the floor and miter failures.