Juice Counter

Today, markets and grocery stores compete with each other in the sale of fresh fruit juice and even vegetable juice. The most ideal bench for this process is the Fruit Juice bench. In this product, while the foods to be squeezed or crushed are displayed in the front, devices and machines are positioned in the rear counter.


As we mentioned in the previous issues, especially in the summer months, our body experiences loss of vitamins and minerals along with sweat. We need to meet this from time to time and keep the order of our body constant. As it is mentioned about this watermelon or melon, we need to take these vitamins as vehicles supply and fuel from time to time.

There are now good or bad fresh juice stalls on almost every corner. However, since these counters are generally simple and unhygienic counters, they are problematic systems for customer reception and sales, and they often disappear in time. In fact, the fresh juice stand, which is among the new business ideas on most sharing sites, has not received the necessary importance.

Juice Counter Structure

The system is completely made of high quality stainless and transparent plexi material is used on the front. The general purpose of this material is to show the customer what the vegetable to be served is fresh fruit. At the back, there is a bench structure where people can work comfortably. There are devices used for squeezing fresh juice on this counter.

While the squeezed juice is taken into a glass, the pulp is thrown into the garbage collection box in the system through a special channel so that it does not pollute the environment. When this box is full, necessary facilities are provided to empty it over time, and possible ambient visual pollution will be prevented behind a cover.

There is a shelf inside, excess products can be stocked here, and there is space for a trash can on the side. The environment here is completely protected with a cover.

At the top of our stand, there is a roof system that provides both protection from the sun in outdoor environments and a visually beautiful view. This bodywork structure can be moved to the desired point with the help of a movable wheel with brake at the lower parts.