Wooden Grocery Stands

  • Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Shelf (HP-1)

    Natural timber is produced fruit and vegetable shelves .. Wood and metal are mature meeting. The outline of the product is integrated with strong metal profiling and inertized metal sheet.
    A skeleton was created on this vault and all the body and unit evenings were coupled onto the parts we call this post.

    The system is generally made of metal and the front, top and side planes are motifed with wood. These systems are arranged in modular and module layout. The user of this system
    the side is covered with stainless material and necessary hygiene and dynamics are completed.


    What is the Natural Wood Fruit and Vegetable Rack’s Metal Fruit and Vegetable Shelves?

    There are differences in layout and design, with little difference between fruit and vegetable shelves as a system.


    Natural Wood Fruits and Vegetables What Type of Wood is Used?

    Different combinations of wood can be used on fruit and vegetable shelves. But in general it is preferable to use membrane coating.



    Supermarkets love kids with kids. They even produce special cars for them. As long as you are moody and you go inside for a long time. Moreover, the products you are going to buy will be placed in the lower parts of your child’s eye when you are at eye level, so that you can see and want your child.


    You can compare the weight of the prices of two products, but what if there are 12 of them in the same product? You will start to make emotional choices by leaving all your rational choices to one side. The packaging is the most beautiful, the advertisement is the most cheerful or the closest …


    Every time you go to the grocery store you are encountering people trying to serve you grilled sausages or small cheese cubes on the grill, right? Stay away from them. Because even though you seem to be doing free tasting, you can finally get 3 kangal sausages, 4 molds and cheese while you are not in your mind. Because it is difficult to say no to those who offer you something, you want to pay for your well.


    The smell of the sausages we talked about in the previous article, on the one hand, the smell of freshly baked breads in the bakery products section, on the one hand, it is impossible for your stomach to hunger. Science has already proved that people are doing more shopping compared to their open-minded state. Well, if you got a package from those dry pies when you got here, would it be bad? Yeah, we’re back again.


    Did you ever notice that you walked slower than you always walked through this quiet music playing at the supermarket? Because with that music it calms down, does not hurry, you start to walk on that temp. The best thing to do is get your headphones on. Your music, yours, your shopping …


    Even if it was a supermarket you went to for the first time, asking “did you have a fancy card?” When you say “no”, you immediately offer a free card to help you, and at this point my mind tells you how much you can get a discount. It’s nice of course, but remember that all of the purchases that you have purchased are saved, the ads that are out of the way, and the discounts are shaped according to your buying habits.


    Did you know that the design of shopping carts has been the same for many years, but their size grew from day to day? Well, you’re ashamed to put 3-5 pieces into these big cars and go to the kas, right? If you ever buy a few more pieces and say, “You see the basket full”, do not, do not come to these games.

  • fruit and vegetable shelf

    Pay attention to these when shopping in the market! Tactics used by grocery stores to make more purchases


    You are not alone if you are turning around in a grocery store looking for the kind of shopping list. Especially products such as bread, milk, eggs are among the basic foodstuffs placed far away from each other so that you see things that are uninteresting to your audience while you look to the right and left to reach your needs. What's more, if the showrooms are in the form of corridors, if you are going straight ahead and taking it, it will cause you to wander around.


    Beautiful vegetables and fruits that are very useful for your health may not be so useful for your wallet. You ask why? Because the markete does not enter, the colorful image of the fruit-vegetable benches that are coming out of us makes us spend more money. When we see colorful vegetables and fruits, we are cheerful and we tend to spend more money. Moreover, we do not feel so bad when we extend our gratuity to the ready-to-eat snacks that are on our shelves when we fill our cartons with healthy ingredients first.


    Beautiful vegetables and fruits that are very useful for your health may not be so useful for your wallet. You ask why? Because the markete does not enter, the colorful image of the fruit-vegetable benches that are coming out of us makes us spend more money. When we see colorful vegetables and fruits, we are cheerful and we tend to spend more money. Moreover, we do not feel so bad when we extend our gratuity to the ready-to-eat snacks that are on our shelves when we fill our cartons with healthy ingredients first.

  • Fruits And Vegetables Shelfs (Code: Mr-1)

    With the changing weather, the vegetables and fruits that we hosted at our table began to change. Which fruits and vegetables are more useful and how should they be consumed?

    In our country, where four seasons are experienced together, winter vegetables and fruits and nutrition and diet expert Elif Karacanoğlu explained the benefits of these foods.

    During the summer, winter vegetables and fruits pulling sunlight up to the roots of the voicing Karacanoğlu, “indispensable vegetables and fruits of this period, celery, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, turnips, onions, radishes, carrots, cabbage, pumpkins, fruits, apples, These foods contain more vitamins and minarets because of their energy, vitality, durability, and vitamins and vitamins, which are more important for healthy eating. It is very healthy to consume vegetables and fruits in large amounts and freshly, raw or undercooked especially in season.Fruit vegetables should be consumed with raw or little water in steam pots or earthenware pots with olive oil for a short time and if they are cooked for a long time, such as broccoli and cabbage. taint Rooted vegetables should be cooked very well in contrast to leafy vegetables, or they may be indigestible. Vegetables and fruits such as carrots, carrots, vitamins to be lost in thick bold. Also the fruits are not full; It is more useful to consume after 2-3 hours on an empty stomach or meal, “he said.

    Generally, red and purple colored fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that underlines the protection against cancer Karacanoğlu, “Green colored folic acid is a very good source of blood pressure. Recommended for blood pressure disorders. Orange, lemon, mandarin orange into the group is a source of vitamin C. However, rosehip, red and green pepper, kiwi, parsley and rocket is more vitamin C. Vitamin C is protective against viral infections, white blood cell activity by increasing the protection of the carrot, spinach, broccoli, leeks and vegetables that provide a strong protection It plays an important role in meeting the vitamins: dark green leafy vegetables, red meat, chicken, dried apricots and raisins, magnesium from cereals, vegetables, milk and seafood, selenium from fish and other seafood, eggs, meat, milk, cereals and sea. products of zinc However, all of these nutrients should be consumed in day by day and consumed without waiting to be sick. Because the studies show that the protective is the regular diet, “the statement found.


    – Pumpkin: Pumpkin with high vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium is not only in desserts; soup and appetizers. In addition, it has been proved that the frequent consumption of fiber foods is protective against colon cancer.

    – Broccoli: Rich in vitamin A and potassium, a good source of folic acid, broccoli, mineral loss is very important to be cooked in the least. For this reason, undercooked and boiled water should not be poured. Reduces the risk of stomach and esophagus cancer.

    – Brussels sprouts: It is a strong cancer fighter because it is in the group of sulfurous vegetables. It should be cooked less or consumed raw.

    – Carrot: A, B1, B2 vitamin and fiber source. It gives energy. Helps the liver secrete bile and balance cholesterol. Because the water content is high, diabetics can consume easily. Also good for stomach and intestinal disorders. However, the ingredients should be consumed in a very short time since they can be converted to toxic substances.

    – Spinach: Spinach, rich in iron, contains more protein than other leafy vegetables. Reduces blood pressure, reduces blood clotting. As it contains betacarotene, it is also effective against age-related eye diseases. It has been shown to prevent some gastric cancer and to strengthen the immune system.

    – Pumpkin: 100 grams of pumpkin can meet a quarter of the daily need for folic acid. The carotene in boiled pumpkin is an effective antioxidant. The high percentage of potassium provides the liquid-salt balance.

    – Karalahana: It is rich in calcium, copper, iron, potassium and vitamin C; it also contains sulfur. It is more beneficial to eat raw or drink water by squeezing. Removes anemia, diuretic. Soften the stomach and intestinal wounds. Eliminates constipation. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. It protects body against cancer and diseases. It is good for jaundice and gall bladder diseases. Useful in asthma. It is useful in rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago and apse. Fixes hoarseness, appetite. However, those who should not consume.

    – Celery: Sulfur is from vegetables and it is useful to be consumed as soon as possible after cutting. Cleanse the blood as well as the calming feature, prevent weight gain


    Avec le changement climatique, les légumes et les fruits que nous avons reçus à notre table ont commencé à changer. Quels fruits et légumes sont les plus utiles et comment doivent-ils être consommés?

    Un que notre pays a connu quatre saisons de légumes d'hiver et les fruits, les bienfaits de cette alimentation en nutriments et expert alimentation dit Elif Karacanoğl.

    légumes d'hiver et des fruits tout au long de l'été en tirant le voicing du soleil portée aux racines Karacanoğl « Cette période est des légumes et des fruits indispensables, le céleri, le brocoli, les choux de Bruxelles, épinards, navets, oignons, radis, carottes, chou, citrouille, tandis que les fruits, les pommes, coings, grenades et poires parce que ces plus de stocker l'énergie du soleil des aliments, la vitalité, l'endurance et contiennent nous avons besoin de minarets plus avec les vitamines saison pour manger une alimentation saine et un fed équilibré;.. la consommation d'aliments contenant toutes les couleurs des fruits et légumes est très important d'hiver. saison, surtout dans les grandes quantités de légumes et de fruits et frais à consommer crus ou insuffisamment cuits il est donc très sain. les légumes-feuilles crus ou moins d'eau ainsi que l'huile d'olive dans une casserole à vapeur ou le ragoût sol brièvement cuit à être consommés. légumes comme le brocoli et le chou dure plus longtemps cuits souiller Les légumes enracinés doivent être cuits très bien, contrairement aux légumes à feuilles, ou ils peuvent être indigestes. Les légumes et les fruits tels que les carottes, les carottes, les vitamines à perdre en gras. De plus, les fruits ne sont pas pleins; Il est plus utile de consommer après 2-3 heures sur un estomac vide ou un repas », a-t-il déclaré.

    En général, les fruits et légumes rouge et violet antioxydant intense Karacanoğl de souligner qui protègent contre le cancer car il contient « le vert est aussi une très bonne source d'acide folique. Il est recommandé que les troubles de la tension artérielle. Orange entre le groupe jaune, citrons, mandarines vitamine source C. Cependant, il a augmenté la hanche, le poivron rouge et vert, kiwi, de la vitamine C dans le persil et à la roquette plus. vitamine C a un effet protecteur contre l'infection virale. carottes blanches de cellules sanguines assurant une protection forte contre le cancer en augmentant l'activité, les épinards, le brocoli, poireau, comme les légumes, qui ont besoin jouera un rôle important dans la satisfaction des vitamines. légumes à feuilles vert foncé, la viande rouge, poulet, abricots et raisins secs de fer, les céréales, les légumes, le magnésium du lait et des fruits de mer, les poissons et le sélénium que d'autres fruits de mer, les œufs, la viande, le lait, des céréales et de la mer produits de zinc Cependant, tous ces nutriments devraient être consommés au jour le jour et consommés sans attendre d'être malades. Parce que les études montrent que la protection est le régime normal », a trouvé la déclaration.


    – La citrouille: la citrouille riche en vitamine A, en phosphore et en calcium n’est pas seulement dans les desserts; soupe et amuse-gueule. En outre, il a été prouvé que la consommation fréquente d’aliments en fibres protège contre le cancer du côlon.

    – Le brocoli: la vitamine A et de potassium riche brocoli perte minérale sont une bonne source d'acide folique est très important pour la cuisson soit minimale. Pour cette raison, l'eau peu cuite et bouillie ne devrait pas être versée. Réduit le risque de cancer de l'estomac et de l'œsophage.

    – Les choux de Bruxelles: c'est un puissant combattant du cancer car il fait partie du groupe des légumes sulfureux. Il devrait être moins cuit ou consommé cru.

    – Carotte: A, B1, vitamine B2 et source de fibres. Cela donne de l'énergie. Aide le foie à sécréter la bile et à équilibrer le cholestérol. Parce que la teneur en eau est élevée, les diabétiques peuvent consommer facilement. Aussi bon pour les troubles gastriques et intestinaux. Cependant, les ingrédients doivent être consommés très rapidement, car ils peuvent être convertis en substances toxiques.

    – Épinards: Les épinards, riches en fer, contiennent plus de protéines que les autres légumes à feuilles. Réduit la tension artérielle, réduit la coagulation sanguine. Comme il contient du bétacarotène, il est également efficace contre les maladies oculaires liées à l'âge. Il a été démontré qu'il prévient certains cancers de l'estomac et renforce le système immunitaire.

    – Citrouille: 100 grammes de citrouille peuvent répondre au quart des besoins quotidiens en acide folique. Le carotène dans la citrouille bouillie est un antioxydant efficace. Le pourcentage élevé de potassium fournit l'équilibre liquide-sel.

    – Karalahana: Il est riche en calcium, cuivre, fer, potassium et vitamine C; il contient également du soufre. Il est plus utile de manger de l'eau crue ou pressée. Élimine l'anémie, diurétique. Adoucit l'estomac et les plaies intestinales. Élimine la constipation. Réduit la quantité de sucre dans le sang. Protège le corps contre les maladies et le cancer. C'est bon pour la jaunisse et les maladies de la vésicule biliaire. Utile dans l'asthme. Il est utile en rhumatisme, sciatique, lumbago et abside. Corrige l'enrouement, l'appétit. Cependant, ceux qui ne devraient pas consommer.

    – Céleri: Le soufre provient de légumes et il est utile de le consommer dès que possible après la coupe. Nettoyez le sang ainsi que la fonction calmante, empêchez la prise de poids

    Con il tempo che cambia, le verdure e i frutti che abbiamo ospitato al nostro tavolo hanno cominciato a cambiare. Quali frutta e verdura sono più utili e come dovrebbero essere consumati?

    Uno che il nostro paese ha fatto registrare quattro stagioni di frutta e verdura invernali, i benefici di questo nutriente esperto di nutrizione e la dieta ha detto Elif Karacanoğl.

    verdure invernali e frutta per tutta l'estate tirando la portata luce del sole voicing alle radici Karacanoğl “Questo periodo è verdura indispensabili e frutta, sedano, broccoli, cavolini di Bruxelles, spinaci, rape, cipolle, ravanelli, carote, cavoli, zucca, mentre frutta, mele, cotogne, melograni e le pere perché questi alimenti la luce del sole più accumulatore di energia, vitalità, capacità di resistenza e contenere abbiamo bisogno di minareti di più con le vitamine stagione di mangiare una dieta sana e una equilibrata alimentato a,.. il consumo di alimenti che contengono tutti i colori di frutta e verdura è molto importante inverno. stagione, soprattutto in grandi quantità di frutta e verdura e fresca da consumare crudi o poco cotti, quindi è molto sano. verdure a foglia crudi o meno acqua insieme con l'olio di oliva in una pentola a vapore o del suolo stufato brevemente cotta per essere consumato. verdure come broccoli e cavoli prende più cotti il gusto deteriorato Le verdure radicate dovrebbero essere cotte molto bene in contrasto con verdure a foglia, o potrebbero essere indigeste. Verdure e frutta come carote, carote, vitamine da perdere in grassetto spessa. Anche i frutti non sono pieni; È più utile consumare dopo 2-3 ore a stomaco vuoto o pasto “, ha detto.

    Di frutta e verdura intenso antiossidante Karacanoğl di sottolineare che proteggono contro il cancro perché contiene “verde è anche una buona fonte di acido folico. Generali, rosso e viola Si raccomanda che i disturbi della pressione sanguigna. Arancione entra nel gruppo giallo, limoni, mandarini fonte di vitamina C. Tuttavia, rosa canina, pepe rosso e verde, kiwi, vitamina C nel prezzemolo e rucola di più. la vitamina C ha un effetto protettivo contro l'infezione virale. carote di globuli bianchi che forniscono una forte protezione contro il cancro, aumentando l'attività, spinaci, broccoli, porri, come le verdure, che hanno bisogno svolgerà un ruolo importante nel soddisfare le vitamine. scure verdure a foglia verde, carne rossa, pollo, albicocche secche e l'uva passa di ferro, cereali, ortaggi, magnesio dal latte e frutti di mare, pesce e il selenio di altri frutti di mare, uova, carne, latte, cereali e del mare prodotti di zinco Tuttavia, tutti questi nutrienti dovrebbero essere consumati giorno per giorno e consumati senza aspettare di essere malati. Perché gli studi dimostrano che la protezione è la dieta normale “, ha rilevato la dichiarazione.


    – Zucca: zucca con alta vitamina A, fosforo e calcio non è solo nei dessert; zuppa e antipasti. Inoltre, è stato dimostrato che il consumo frequente di fibre alimentari è protettivo contro il cancro del colon.

    – Broccoli: la vitamina A e potassio ricco broccoli perdita di minerali sono una buona fonte di acido folico è molto importante per la cottura a essere minimo. Per questo motivo, l'acqua cotta e cotta non deve essere versata. Riduce il rischio di cancro allo stomaco e all'esofago.

    – Cavoletti di Bruxelles: è un combattente per il cancro forte perché è nel gruppo di verdure sulfuree. Dovrebbe essere cucinato meno o consumato crudo.

    – Carota: fonte di vitamina A, B1, B2 e fibra. Dà energia. Aiuta il fegato a secernere la bile e bilancia il colesterolo. Poiché il contenuto di acqua è elevato, i diabetici possono consumare facilmente. Ottimo anche per disturbi gastrici e intestinali. Tuttavia, gli ingredienti dovrebbero essere consumati in un tempo molto breve poiché possono essere convertiti in sostanze tossiche.

    – Spinaci: gli spinaci, ricchi di ferro, contengono più proteine ​​rispetto ad altre verdure a foglia. Riduce la pressione sanguigna, riduce la coagulazione del sangue. Poiché contiene betacarotene, è anche efficace contro le malattie degli occhi legate all'età. È stato dimostrato che previene il cancro gastrico e rinforza il sistema immunitario.

    – Zucca: 100 grammi di zucca possono soddisfare un quarto del fabbisogno giornaliero di acido folico. Il carotene nella zucca bollita è un efficace antiossidante. L'alta percentuale di potassio fornisce l'equilibrio liquido-salino.

    – Karalahana: è ricco di calcio, rame, ferro, potassio e vitamina C; contiene anche zolfo. È più utile mangiare l'acqua come cruda o spremere. Rimuove l'anemia, diuretico. Ammorbidisce le ferite gastriche e intestinali. Elimina la stitichezza. Riduce la quantità di zucchero nel sangue. Protegge il corpo dalle malattie e dal cancro. È buono per le malattie di ittero e cistifellea. Utile nell'asma. È utile nei reumatismi, nella sciatica, nella lombaggine e nell'abside. Correzione raucedine, appetito. Tuttavia, coloro che non dovrebbero consumare.

    – Sedano: lo zolfo viene dalle verdure ed è utile per essere consumato al più presto dopo il taglio. Pulisci il sangue e la funzione calmante, previeni l'aumento di peso

  • Wooden Fruit And Vegetable Shelves (Code:Hp-2)

    Vertical natural wooden shelf. The wooden vertical grove should be used especially where the place is narrow and the structure is designed as 3 floors. In this case, more advantages are obtained in the efficiency used in horizontal positioning.

    Vertikales natürliches hölzernes Regal. Der hölzerne vertikale Hain sollte besonders dort verwendet werden, wo der Platz eng ist und die Struktur auf 3 Etagen ausgelegt ist. In diesem Fall werden mehr Vorteile hinsichtlich der bei der horizontalen Positionierung verwendeten Effizienz erhalten.

    رف خشبي عمودي طبيعي. يجب استخدام البستان العمودي الخشبي بشكل خاص حيث يكون المكان ضيقًا وتم تصميم المبنى على 3 طوابق. في هذه الحالة ، يتم الحصول على المزيد من المزايا في الكفاءة المستخدمة في الوضع الأفقي.

    Verticale natuurlijke houten plank. Het houten verticale bosje moet vooral worden gebruikt waar de plaats smal is en de structuur is ontworpen als 3 verdiepingen. In dit geval worden meer voordelen verkregen in de efficiëntie die wordt gebruikt bij horizontale positionering.

    Etagère verticale en bois naturel. Le bosquet vertical en bois doit être utilisé en particulier lorsque l’endroit est étroit et que la structure est conçue comme 3 étages. Dans ce cas, les avantages liés à l’efficacité du positionnement horizontal sont plus nombreux.

    ვერტიკალური ბუნებრივი ხის თარო. ხის ვერტიკალური ჭაბურღილი უნდა იქნას გამოყენებული განსაკუთრებით, სადაც ადგილი ვიწროა და სტრუქტურა 3 სართულიანია. ამ შემთხვევაში, უფრო მეტი უპირატესობა მიღებულია ჰორიზონტალურ მდგომარეობაში გამოყენებულ ეფექტურობაში.

    מדף עץ טבעי אנכי. חורש עץ אנכי יש להשתמש במיוחד במקום שבו הוא צר המבנה מעוצב כמו 3 קומות. במקרה זה, יתרונות נוספים מתקבלים היעילות בשימוש מיקום אופקי.

    Seilf adhmaid nádúrtha ingearach. Ba cheart an garróg ingearach adhmaid a úsáid go háirithe i gcás ina bhfuil an áit caol agus go bhfuil an struchtúr ceaptha mar 3 urlár. Sa chás seo, faigheann níos mó buntáistí san éifeachtacht a úsáidtear i suíomh cothrománach.

    Estantería de madera natural vertical. La arboleda vertical de madera se debe utilizar especialmente donde el lugar es estrecho y la estructura está diseñada como 3 pisos. En este caso, se obtienen más ventajas en la eficiencia utilizada en el posicionamiento horizontal.

    Mensola in legno naturale verticale. Il boschetto verticale in legno dovrebbe essere utilizzato soprattutto dove il luogo è stretto e la struttura è progettata come 3 piani. In questo caso, si ottengono più vantaggi nell’efficienza utilizzata nel posizionamento orizzontale.


  • HP 10 – Tablalı Ahşap Manav Reyonu

    Tablalı manav reyonu artık ahşap model farkıyla ürün yelpazemize katılmıştır.

  • HP 4 – Ahşap Meyve Ağacı

    Ahşaptan yapılmış meyve ağaclı manav reyonudur. Meyve ve sebze reyonları için yeni bir konsept oluşturulmuş olup ahşapla kombine edilmiştir.

  • Fruit And Vegetables Shelves (Code:Hp-81)

  • قفسه میوه و سبزیجات (Mr-37)


    Supermärkte sind auf teure, teure Produkte ausgerichtet, neben extrem teuren Hybriden, die kein Problem sein werden, weniger zu verkaufen. Du würdest also sagen “Aa ist nicht so schlecht”. In der Tat, Sie sagen genau das, Sie sind schon aus etwas, das Sie aufgeben würde, weil es teuer ist.


    Indem Sie sich den Rufen aller schädlichen Nahrungsmittel widersetzten, nahmen Sie Ihre Bedürfnisse und kamen ans Ufer. Sie stehen vor einem neuen Test. Er steht neben dem Schokoriegel, wo du dreimal den Kopf drehst und warum du dieser Zeit nicht widerstehen kannst. Dies wird “Ego Depletion” genannt. Ihre Kontrollmöglichkeiten sind bereits begrenzt und werden im Laufe der Zeit verbraucht. Wenn du sagst “Wir sind zum Kas gekommen, jetzt fühlen wir uns wohl”, bist du unvorbereitet.


    Der Grund, warum die Korridore der Kassierer, die ständig von links nach rechts sind, ständig eingeengt werden, ist, dass Sie die Notwendigkeiten kaufen müssen, dass Sie keinen Platz zum Verlassen finden, wenn Sie unnötige Dinge in letzter Minute verlassen wollen.


    In Supermärkten wird das teuerste der homogenen Produkte in das Auge oder direkt unter das Auge gelegt. Die billigsten Produkte sind unten oder oben. Daher ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit, sie zu sehen, schwächer als die Wahrscheinlichkeit, teure Produkte zu sehen. Aus diesem Grund sollten Sie das gesamte Regal scannen, anstatt das zu bekommen, was Sie beim Einkaufen zuerst sehen.

  • Potatoes onion rack (Code: Hp29)

    Ahşap malzemeden dizayn edilmiş patateslik manav tezgahıdır.